Why Phigital?

Today’s branded location apps are costly, challenging to build, and heavily reliant on push notifications.

Phigital has built a turnkey platform to engage consumers with mobile experiences that use a mix of locations, actions, and rich media to drive purchase behavior and brand loyalty. We do it faster, cheaper, and at scale.


For less than the expense of a single engineer, a 90+ percent reduction in upfront costs and a 40+ percent reduction in ongoing costs, a brand can build, deploy and maintain its mobile location apps through our straightforward Platform as a Service (PaaS) model.


We put all the complexity of geolocation, content creation, complex event processing, and access to 3rd party services “under the hood,” but make the features easily accessible to marketers through a simple web console.


Brands can deliver their mobile campaigns through a white label application, an SDK integrated into their existing apps, or an “app-less” HTML5 client. Activation is built through deep links and previewable embeds.


Sign up now and immediately start creating full-blown mobile experiences. Get free access to our web-based Creator Console and use Phigital’s front end iOS and Android demo apps to try your experiences in the real world!


Sign Up now and visit our Develop section after Signing In. Get free access to our web-based Creator Console, Phigital’s front end iOS and Android demo apps and access to Phigital’s Developer Sandbox to try our SDK in your own app!


For full consultation and customization options — including our White Label and SDK — please request a demo below. Feel free also to kick the tires by downloading Phigital's iOS and Android apps and signing up to get immediate access to our Creator Console.

You create and publish experiences on Phigital's Web Console.
Your customers join the experiences on their phones.

Geofencing &

Use Phigital’s Web Console to populate your experiences with geofenced points of interest or activate beacons for greater location precision.

Unique Experiential Format

Customers use their phones to navigate through locations, perform actions, and unlock content, rewards, and incentives. Experiences can be either active or passive.

Extensible Action

Introduce user actions, from “go to a location” and “scan a code” to “send a social message” and “play media”.

Drag and Drop
Rules Engine

Set rules for card discovery, action triggers and conditions for unlocking content and incentives.

Content Management System

Create event cards and add rich content to the stage by importing images, video, audio, and streaming media from local folders or the Internet.


Complete set of customer insights and near-real time engagement metrics, including depth of customer penetration of the experience.


Quickly update your customer experiences with new content or engagement tactics in near-real time.

Deep Links &

Customers can activate experiences from your existing media channels using deep links and embeds that you generate from Phigital’s web console.

iOS & Android Compatibility

Whether using iOS or Android handsets, your customers will have access to the same experiential format, detailed guidance, and communication tools.

Use Cases

Whether a Retailer, Venue or Brand, Phigital allows you to go from idea to real customer engagement faster, at lower cost, and with less operational complexity.


Drive your customers to unique venues to build relevance and ongoing engagement.


Deliver exclusive content, compelling incentives, and unique location-based experiences to your premium customers.


Ensure that those customers who actually see your media are then acting on it... build an experience that tracks customers from media to location.


Leverage your experiences to increase reach and reinforce your messaging to existing and potential new customers.



Use Phigital to take your customers through an “online to offline” journey that reinforces the brand for loyal customers, and creates brand awareness among the uninitiated.


Get customers off the couch with compelling digital content, drive participants to hidden or secret locations, and condition rewards on achieving certain objectives.



Creators have 4 delivery options for their experiences across both iOS and Android.

Branded channels
on Phigital's Mobile App.

White Label version
of Phigital's Mobile App.

Phigital APIs and full SDK
for integration into
your own Apps.

“No App” HTML5 Mobile Client.

For micro-level customer engagement, Phigital is fully integrated with Gimbal’s Bluetooth Proximity beacons and Apple’s iBeacon® standard.

Unleash the power of mobile by engaging your customers with rich content and incentives.

About Us

Phigital was founded with a singular vision — to provide brands with a full creative suite for building and orchestrating more engaging consumer experiences through mobile. For over twenty years, the Phigital team has been involved in building and defining mobile technologies. We’ve spent the last two testing and refining the physical-digital user experience and building a platform that incorporates our collective knowledge so that you can harness this power to easily build and share engaging mobile content with your customers.


At Phigital, we believe that mobile engagement should be more than branded apps, generic display ads, and random push notifications. So do our partners...

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